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CV Axle Services in Parkville, MD

The CV axles on your car, truck, or SUV are what transfers torque from your driveshaft to your wheels. CV stands for constant velocity because it is vital to keep all four wheels moving at the same rate. Front-wheel-drive vehicles and rear-wheel-drive vehicles will have two CV axles, while all-wheel-drive vehicles should have four. CV axles also allow your wheels to move up and down independently of one another. This means that these axles bear a lot of weight and take a lot of abuse. So, we will need to repair and replace them from time to time. Carney Tire Pros in Parkville, MD examines CV axles as part of our routine maintenance.

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How to Know If You Should Replace Your CV Axle

It is tricky for the average driver to notice when there is a problem with their CV axles. There are a few telltale signs, though. One of the most noticeable signs is grease leaking out of the axle. This occurs when the boot breaks and is a sure sign that a CV axle needs to be replaced. Also, you may notice sounds, like a clicking, when accelerating into a turn or shifting from accelerating to decelerating. Additionally, a car that shakes when accelerating may have a faulty CV axle. Carney Tire Pros has mechanics available to assess and repair any of these issues. We can replace one CV axle at a time when only one is damaged.

Get Advice From a Mechanic You Can Trust at Carney Tire Pros

The mechanics at Carney Tire Pros have a long history of experience working with CV axles on all makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs. We know what it takes to fix a damaged CV axle and get you back on the road. If you notice any suspicious noises or vibrations while driving, do not risk it any longer than necessary. Bring your vehicle to a mechanic you can trust. To schedule an appointment, you can call us directly or request an appointment online.

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