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Fluid Replacement and System Flushes

At Carney Tire Pros in Parkville, MD, we’re dedicated to helping car owners get the most out of their vehicles by keeping them up with proper maintenance and repairs. We offer replacements and flushing of all your vehicle’s essential fluids that help it run smooth. Many car components use fluids to operate, and most have suggested flushing and replacement schedules according to the make and model of the vehicle. Other fluids may get low due to engine use or a hose leak and need to be topped off. In any event, our auto care technicians perform the right fluid inspection and services your car needs. Schedule an appointment today.

Tire Pros technician smiling in front of car

Why Do Fluids Need to Be Flushed?

Fluids are used throughout your car to provide lubrication and proper function to different engine and operating system parts. They circulate in a closed-loop system, meaning the same batch of fluid is constantly recirculated to lube parts and provide power. Over time, contaminants and debris can build up. For the health of your car, it’s important to flush out the dirty fluids and replace them periodically so they are fresh and clean. The most common and frequent example is an oil change. However, other parts of the car require fluid flushes too. Our fluid flush services include:

  • Transmission
  • Engine coolant (anti-freeze)
  • Power steering
  • Brake fluid
  • Fuel injection
  • Rear differential

Schedule Your Vehicle’s Appointment Today

Our team at Carney Tire Pros offers complete fluid and flush services for car owners throughout the Parkville, MD area. We follow all car manufacturer’s recommendations for fluid flush services to keep vital parts of the engine, such as the transmission, radiator, and fuel injection system clean while minimizing repair issues. Not sure when the last time you had your fluids inspected was? No problem, visit us, and our team can perform a visual check on your vehicle’s fluids to determine if they should be flushed. Schedule an appointment today.

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