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Alternator and Starter Repair and Replacements

The alternator and starter in a vehicle are often discussed together. While the two don’t necessarily work hand in hand, you hear them discussed similarly because an issue with either often results in the same problem; the car won’t start. When a vehicle doesn’t start, people immediately start thinking about the starter or the alternator. At Carney Tire Pros, we take the guesswork out of auto repairs by offering honest and reliable diagnoses on any service your vehicle needs, including repairs or replacements of alternators and starters. If you’re having trouble starting your car, contact us to schedule an appointment today.

car alternator

Complete Alternator Diagnosis and Repair

The alternator in a car has the vital job of supplying electricity to the vehicle’s electrical components, such as the radio and headlights. It also recharges the car battery as you drive, so it is charged the next time you start the car. When the alternator goes, you won’t be able to start the vehicle. However, before that happens, there are some warning signs your alternator might need attention, including:

  • Dim lights
  • A battery that is frequently dead
  • Warning lights on the dashboard
  • The car stalls or has difficulty starting

Vehicle Starter Replacement

There’s no secret to what the starter in your car does. As the name suggests, it starts the car. When you turn the key, the starter creates the initial turning motion needed to fire the pistons. If the starter isn’t engaging properly, you might hear grinding noise when you turn the key. Another sign that the starter is bad is if your headlights and electrical components work, but nothing happens when you turn the key. If you’ve tried to jump the battery and it still won’t start, it is likely a problem with the starter. Schedule an appointment with us to have your starter replaced.

Visit Us for Auto Diagnosis and Repair

Our team of friendly and knowledgeable car care professionals has years of experience providing maintenance and repairs of both foreign and domestic vehicles. If your car is having trouble starting, contact us to schedule an appointment. We’ll accurately diagnose the issue, and if it is your starter or alternator, we’ll get you back on the road with honest and affordable repairs.

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